Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks- 1913 project idea

My end of year project was to explore ‘1913’. This project was completely open and didn’t have any specific requirements. We could use whatever media, any form of design and any aspect of ‘1913’. Some looked at the idea of ‘100 years ago’ while others looked at 1913 engineering etc. One of my original ideas was to look at Rosa Parks, who was born in 1913. Rosa Parks was a black civil rights campaigner, famous for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. She started the ‘bus boycott’ and is described as the first lady of black civil rights. I have used the Obama ‘HOPE’ campaign poster here, as without Rosa Parks, it is unlikely Obama would be president now. This was not my final outcome.

1913 Project- Rosa Parks Idea

1913 Project- Rosa Parks Idea




This is the mantra i follow when designing. Understand the brief and client, define their needs and your ideas, create and deliver high quality work.

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